Vascular ultrasound has become one of the preferred test for the diagnosis, screening and surveillance of vascular diseases.

The increasing reliance on vascular ultrasound imaging for vascular disease management demands that healthcare professionals familiarise themselves with this technique.

Acquiring the theoretical knowledge may, however, reveal to be difficult.  Dedicated and comprehensive training programmes are often not widely available or affordable. In addition, the diagnostic accuracy is heavily dependent on operator experience which is gained through hands on clinical practice.  Exposure to a wide variety of clinical scenarios is of paramount importance to gain confidence.

ABC Vascular is an e-learning platform, conceived by a team of vascular sonographers and doctors with extensive knowledge in vascular ultrasound, to help healthcare professionals in mastering the knowledge and skills to apply when practicing vascular ultrasound.  ABC Vascular teamed up with MedEed global solution, a world leading platform in online medical education.

All ABC Vascular content and courses have been accredited by the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) to provide CME credits and have been endorsed by the European Federation of Societies in ultrasound in medicine and biology.

Why our courses?

Start your journey today with ABC Vascular and master the knowledge and skills to apply when practicing vascular ultrasound.


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