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How to Diagnose Subclavian Steal Syndrome Course

How to Diagnose Subclavian Steal Syndrome Course

Learn online the ultrasound criteria used to identify different types of steal syndrome.
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About How to Diagnose Subclavian Steal Syndrome course

Aim of this course

How to diagnose subclavian steal syndrome short course is designed to provide the essential ultrasound criteria used to detect and describe the different types of subclavian steal syndrome.

How is the course structured?

This course is made of 1 e-booklet supported by 1 hand-on commented video lecture. This course demonstrate the normal ultrasound findings of vertebral artery circulation in absence of pathologies as well as in presence of different types of subclavian steal syndrome.

At the end of this course the knowledge to detect and describe subclavian steal syndrome will be acquired.

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The content of the course is continuously implemented and updated.

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Who may benefit from this course?

Any healthcare professional who is approaching vascular ultrasound for the first time as well as healthcare professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills in different areas of vascular ultrasound. Our subscribers are:

  • trainee medical doctors
  • vascular and general sonographers
  • nurses
  • as well as consultant medical doctors
  • as vascular surgeons,
  • cardiologists,
  • internists,
  • angiologists,
  • radiologists,
  • or somewhat all healthcare professionals involved in the diagnosis and management of peripheral vascular diseases.

How to Diagnose Subclavian Steal Syndrome course review

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  1. Yassine Mohamed

    Well structured and clear
  2. zoh12345


Lessons in this course

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