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Vertebral Artery Complete Steal Syndrome (Colour Flow Doppler)

Case study description: Short video of color flow Doppler on vertebral artery complete steal syndrome
Video length: 1 min
Audio: No audio

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This short video case demonstrates the colour Doppler flow appearance of a complete left vertebral artery steal due to a greater than 75% stenosis of the ipsilateral subclavian artery origin.

When these colour finding are encountered, the proximal vertebral artery and subclavian artery should also be assessed as these are suggestive of likely proximal steno-obstructive pathology.

The examination should be completed with the evaluation of the Doppler waveforms to confirm flow direction within the common carotid and vertebral arteries.

Take home message: The common carotid artery and ipsilateral vertebral artery should present with the same colour pattern.

Color Flow Doppler : vertebral artery complete steal syndrome
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