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Normal vs Abnormal Venous Valve

4.6 out of 5

Case study description: Short video showing a normal vs an abnormal venous valve
Video length: 35 secs
Audio: No audio

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Venous valves are bicuspid valves that allow venous blood to flow in one direction only (cephalad).

As shown in both videos, the venous valve presents an enlargement called valve sinus where the valve leaflets are, in normal circumstances hypoechoic, mobile and prevent venous reflux (continent valve).

The lumen of a normal and patent vein often appears anechoic in absence of venous stasis as shown in the first part of the video.

The second part of the video shows a malfunctioning great saphenous vein pre-terminal valve with reduced mobility of the valve leaflets and spontaneous echo contrast noted within the lumen due to venous stasis.

Ultrasound B-mode of a functioning valve vs a malfunctioning valve
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